PSYC 322 – Mentoring Children at Risk

Mentoring Children at Risk is a course that combines lecture with hands-on work with children of incarcerated mothers at a summer camp. Topics covered in lectures include models of developmental psychology, middle childhood development, maternal incarceration, the impact of poverty on development in children, risk and resilience, and managing problem behaviors. The mentoring component of the class involves spending one week at a sleepover camp specifically for children of incarcerated mothers. Comments from UMW students in the course:

“I thought this was an amazingly unique experience!  I love camp, but I think this course is relevant to and enjoyed by those who have never been.  This is of the few classes where you can APPLY your theory!  Loved it!” “This was easily one of the best classes I’ve take between both UMW and [previous college attended].  I thought the balance between classroom experience and out-of-class/hands-on experience helped me to better understand what I’d learned during the lecture week and actually implement it into real-life examples.  THANK YOU!!!” “This course was an amazing opportunity.  I hope to be able to come back/do something like this in the future.” occahannock-2016 Summer 2016   For more information, including dates, prerequisites, and to apply for admission, contact Dr. Mackintosh