CE Requirements and Learning Outcomes

All CE courses must involve 15 hours of engagement with the community as well as reflection. They must meet the following 3 outcomes:

  • Analysis of Knowledge: Connects and extends knowledge (facts, theories, etc.) from one’s own academic study/ field/ discipline to community engagement and to one’s own participation in community life, politics, and government.
  • Identity/Commitment Provides evidence of experience in community-engagement activities and describes what she/he has learned about her or himself as it relates to a reinforced or clarified commitment to public action.
  • Action and Reflection: Demonstrates independent experience, accompanied by reflective insights or analysis about the aims and accomplishments of one’s actions.

In addition, CE courses may also seek to incorporate the following additional outcomes:

  • Diversity of Communities/Cultures: Demonstrates evidence of adjustment in own attitudes and beliefs because of working within and learning from diversity of communities and cultures.
  • Communication: Tailors communication strategies to effectively express, listen, and adapt to others to establish relationships to further community action
  • Contexts/Structures: Demonstrates ability and commitment to collaboratively work across and within community contexts and structures to achieve a community aim.
  • Academic impact: Uses community engagement experience to inform one’s academic study/field/discipline.