About Us

Located in Suite 320 in the University Center, we have four main staff members:

Center Director: Dr. Leslie Martin (lmartin@umw.edu); 540-654-1498.

Associate Director: Dr. Sarah Dewees (sdewees@umw.edu); 540-654-1122.

Office Manager: Amanda Ronay (aronay@umw.edu); 540-654-2272.

Graduate Assistant: Mackenzie Hard (mhard@umw.edu); 540-654-5643.


Our Strategy/Approach:

The UMW Center for Community Engagement will work to create a culture of community engagement at UMW by providing structural support for civic engagement, volunteerism, and service, and by celebrating the work in the community done by all members of UMW, including faculty, staff, and students.

The Center will work with community members to support effective, respectful, community-driven, reciprocal partnerships to meet societal needs. These partnerships will have measurable, beneficial outcomes both for our community partners and our students.

The UMW Center for Community Engagement will work to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students and help them apply their knowledge and skills to complex problems in new environments and settings. We will support students as they grow into engaged citizens and leaders ready to participate in a complex and diverse global society.

The Center will also work with UMW faculty to cultivate and support opportunities for community engagement including community-engaged pedagogy and research. The Center will provide resources for faculty to help them enhance their community-engaged practices and to incentivize and encourage this work.

Through these activities, the Center will exemplify our community values, and support all our community members to develop intellectual, professional, and public leadership skills to become engaged citizens in a democratic society.