Peer Academic Consultant Appointments

Peer Academic Consultants (PACs) are student leaders, within Academic Services, who are passionate about helping peers develop the academic skills necessary to become successful students.


How can we help and be utilized by you?

PACs can discuss a variety of academic success topics, such as:

  • Understanding Your Syllabus
  • Note-Taking & Textbook Reading StrategiesImage result for schedule appt button
  • Communicating with Faculty
  • Study Strategies & Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Setting Goals

Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Not aware of major due dates
  • Notes are not helpful when you use them to study
  • Feel overwhelmed with balancing all your classes
  • Breaking assignments into smaller chunks
  • Papers spilling out of backpack and notebooks
  • Difficulty with the transition from high school or community college
  • Not getting the grades you want after spending a lot of time studying


Meet our Peer Academic Consultants


Hi! My name is Mika Bishton. I am a junior majoring in Conservation Biology. My favorite thing to do while on campus is to watch all the wildlife: birds, squirrels, and the occasional bunny. I am excited to meet you!




Hi! My name is Megan Childs and I’m a junior majoring in English: Creative Writing. In my free time you can find me consuming cheesy romance media at an unusually rapid speed while eating pickles with peanut butter (seriously, try it).


Hi, my name is Riley Smith. I am currently a sophomore Business Administration major and a member of the tennis team. In my free time, I read, hike, and visit my nieces and nephews!