Meet our PACs

Peer Academic Consultants

Hi, my name is Emmily Eccles and I am senior  majoring in English. I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I love to read in my free time as well as go hiking. I firmly believe that a Slurpee is a drink for all seasons of the year. If you do not, that’s okay, we can put our differences aside and work easily together.

Hi, my name is Lizzy Goernemann. I am a senior majoring in the Environmental Science Natural track as well as completing the GIS certificate. I am from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I love being outside and I love all dogs!

Hi, my name is Sarah Patterson. I am currently a Junior majoring in Spanish and also in the Elementary Education Program. I like to play and listen to music, and love to travel. I come from a family of five and have three dogs.