Chemistry Placement Exam

Are you planning on being a Science major (Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Geology, Chemistry), Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Vet, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Neuroscience?  Then you will need to complete General Chemistry (CHEM 111, 112)!

Registration for the introductory Chemistry courses requires completion of the placement exam.  You cannot register for CHEM 111 without a placement score on file.  Furthermore, any student wishing to register for CHEM 101, Foundations of Chemistry, must also take the Chemistry Placement test.

The test is a 55-minute test with 60 graded questions that we use to recommend the best starting Chemistry course for you.  All of those majors/areas/career paths noted above will require completion of General Chemistry I and II (CHEM 111 and 112).  We want you to be successful in those courses, so we are giving you this test.  Your score will help determine the best course in which to begin studying Chemistry.  The table below shows these recommendations and includes some helpful guidelines for students with intermediate scores about using additional information from their SAT or ACT math scores on how to place themselves.

Test Score MATH SAT MATH ACT Recommended Starting Course
30 or below Any Any CHEM 101
31 to 34 Below 500 Below 21 CHEM 101
Above 500 Above 21 CHEM 111
35 or above Any Any CHEM 111

As the table shows, students scoring 30 or below should enroll in CHEM 101, while students scoring 35 or above should enroll in CHEM 111.  Students in between those cutoffs may be prepared for CHEM 111 or might be better served by CHEM 101 depending on their quantitative skills.  For example, a student with a 32 and a math SAT of 540 might consider enrolling in CHEM 111, while a student with the same placement test score but a math SAT of 480 should enroll in CHEM 101.

In order to sign up for either CHEM 101 or 111 you HAVE TO take this exam at some point, so now is probably the best time.  You must take the test to register for CHEM 101 or 111 in Banner.

Test Availability and Access

The test is administered online, using our course management system, Canvas.  In order to take the test, you will need a current UMW user account (username and password) to login.

Test Availability:

Fall Pre-Registration Advising Block: the test will be open during the week and a half of fall advising

Spring Pre-Registration Advising Block: the test will be open during the two weeks of spring advising

Summer I, Pre-Orientation Block: the test will be open from April 30th until the incoming first-year student orientation sessions begin

Summer II, Post-Orientation Block: the test will be open from July 1st until August 15th

Test Access:

New incoming students may access the test through EagleBound at the following link:

All other students should contact Jessica Murphy at the below email address for directions.

Contact Information

To get more information and be placed on the list to get access to the test, email Jessica Murphy at