Academic Expectations Videos

This page presents videos of the Academic Expectations presentation delivered by Dr. Keith Mellinger, Professor of Mathematics and Director of the First-Year Seminar Program, at the June orientation program for first-year students starting at UMW in the fall of 2015. This presentation occurred on Day 2 of the orientation program, just before students met with their academic advisors and completed their fall registration. The presentation is broken into four sections:

 Part 1:  Introduction and Curriculum

In this section, Dr. Mellinger introduces the students to the morning activities.  He explains the importance of understanding the curriculum and highlights the ingredients for a degree at UMW.


Part 2:  Important Dates and Deadline

Here, Dr. Mellinger overviews the important deadlines that occur every semester at UMW.  Mostly, these deal with changes to a student’s course schedule.


Part 3:  Resources to help you succeed

In this section, Dr. Mellinger overviews the important resources that UMW offers to help students succeed.  This includes a discussion of the faculty, the various centers on campus, tutoring options, and a broad discussion of engagement in the academic experience at UMW.  The main presentation ends after this video.


Part 4:  Introduction to Advising & Registration

After the Academic Expectations presentation, Dr. Mellinger overviews the advising and registration process that occurs after the students leave the presentation.