Making the most of your summer

6 Ways To Have A Productive Summer! By Kendall Powell, UMW student and Academic and Career Services Intern Brush up your Resume Have you been putting off editing your resume? Adding those clubs and awards you got during the school year? Summer is a great time to reflect on what you did the past year and note it on your resume. It may even be time to get rid of those “Girl Scout Troop Captain” and “MLT Succeed” awards on your resume. You’re a college student now; let your resume show it! Create a LinkedIn Profile Have you been hearing lots of people talk about Linkedin and feeling left out? Take that leap and make a profile. See who else you know that’s on this professional social media site. Who knows- your future employer could be looking for your profile! Research Internships If you don’t have an internship this summer it is still a good idea to research what you want to do later on. Looking early won’t hurt! Get an idea of when you want to do an internship and what kind of organization you want to work for. Make a timeline for applying for internships in the fall. Some places have super-early deadlines! Practice Interviews You know what they say- practice makes perfect. Contact some UMW alumni or even your family friends. Create a real life setting of an interview and go for it! The more you practice the more you’re going to be prepared for that real-life interview. Network, Network, Network! Did your Aunt Claire just start her own business? Does your new neighbor work for a large corporation? Talk to them! It’s important to have people who can put in a good word for you and help you get an internship. In today’s society it’s all about who you know. So put down Instagram and go call them and talk about their jobs. A little connection can go a long way! Beyond College Thinking about graduate school but not sure what you want to do? Research different types of programs and decide what you want. Odds are you’re not going to have enough time during the year to research so now is the best time. Create a timeline of school’s due dates and start to save up for the application costs. All right, you’ve done enough work. Now it’s time to go to the beach and relax!

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