How to stand out to an employer



The Defense Contract Management Agency is a Department of Defense Combat Support Agency that ensures the integrity of the contracting processes.  This means ensuring the best equipment, supplies, support, and services are provided to the U.S. military.  Over the past 5 years, DCMA has hired at least 7 UMW graduates who are now around the GS-11/GS-12 grade level.  Many started  in their intern program, which is a paid,  three year training commitment to become certified in contracting.  Interns are then non-competitively promoted to a higher grade.  Interested?  All open vacancies can be found here:   "How To Stand Out To An Employer" - Recruiter, Teresa Angel     Let's face it - interviewing is tough.  Competing against dozens of other candidates, you have only a few minutes to convince the hiring manager that "you're the one" for the job.  And unless you are a returning employee, your skill sets for a particular position are probably pretty evenly matched with others vying for the position.  So how do you stand out?  Hiring managers know that any new hire will require a certain amount of on-the-job training, so the resume only tells them half of what they need to know to make a selection.  When trying to find that voice in the chorus that will be their next superstar, hiring managers are looking for two things: enthusiasm and passion.  Enthusiastic employees are inquisitive employees.  They invest the time to learn what they can about the company.  Did you research the company you're hoping to join?  Do you know what they do and where they do it?  It shows the manager genuine interest in the job you are pursuing.  And this leads s to passion: whether or not that genuine interest has become a true desire for you.  Are you a member or a professional organization within your field?  Do you subscribe to trade journals to stay current in your craft?  These are indications to the hiring manager that you're  looking to build a career and a future, and spending a few extra minutes with you in the interview may be beneficial to the company.

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