Faculty Honor Advisors 2023-2024

If no advisor is listed for your department of interest, please feel free to contact the closest faculty advisor to your area.

Dr. Janet Asper

Dr. Peter Catlin
Simpson Library

Dr. Prashant Chandrasekar
Computer Science

Dr. Teresa L. Coffman
College of Education

Dr. Amrita Dhar

Dr. Claudine L. Ferrell
History and American Studies

Dr. Tyler Frankel
Earth & Environmental Science

Dr. Eric Gable

Dr. Tyler Frankel
Earth and Environmental Science

Dr. Adria Goldman
Communication and Digital Studies

Dr. Alan B. Griffith

Mr. J. Todd Helbling
Athletics, Health, and Physical Education

Dr. Suzie Kim
Art History

Dr. Janusz Konieczy

Dr. J. Brooks Kukyendall

Dr. Jennifer Mailloux
Psychological Science

Mr. Colin Rafferty
English and Linguistics

Dr. Gregg Stull
Theatre & Dance

Mr. Justin Wilkes
Student Transition Program


Procedural Advisors

Dr. Laura Bylenock

Dr. Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich

Dr. Christine Henry

Dr. Wes Hillyard

Dr. John Marsh