Easy Ways for Faculty to Reinvigorate the Honor System


Alan O’Rourke via Flicker


  1. Review the Honor Constitution – Things have changed over the years
  2. Bookmark key resources
  3. Attend an Honor Celebration event.
  4. Talk about the Honor System with your colleagues and encourage them to click below to show their support.
  5. Attend an Academic Integrity faculty workshop.
  6. Review and rewrite the Honor section of your syllabi – use your own words so that students actually pay attention
  7. Talk about Honor with your classes – if you only do one thing on this list, please do this
  8. Require your students to pledge all work for grades.  Ideally, have them write it out and sign it.
  9. Know and talk with your faculty honor advisor.
  10. Trust your students, and communicate that trust to them.