2011 Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Writing Contest Winners!

Look for the winning papers in the forthcoming publication of the 2011 Writing Contest Winners.


Freshman Seminar
Meredith Stone: “Learning about Race”
Instructor: Dr. Cooperman
Course: FSEM 100G4, James Farmer Civil Rights

Brooke Andrews: “What Makes an Effective Infographic”
Instructor: Dr. Hydorn
Course: FSEM 100G5, Infographics

Arts and Humanities:
Katie Hubbard: “Embodiment and Sexuality in the Works of Mark Z. Danielewski and Shelley Jackson: Postmodern Reactions to Posthumanism”
Instructor: Dr. Whalen
Course: ENGL 457, Codes, Culture, and the Postmodern Seminar

Tracy Frelk: “The Corpse Beloved: Necrophilia and a Strange Feminism in Haggard’s ‘She’”
Instructor: Dr. Mathur
Course: ENGL 295, Introduction to Literary Studies

Natural and Social Sciences (Sophomores and Juniors):
Gemma Cohen: “Neighborhoods and Child Development”
Instructor: Dr. L. Martin
Course: SOCG 313, Urban Sociology

Sara Krechel: “Harry Potter and the History of Racism”
Instructor: Dr. Cincinnati
Course: HIST 471, Historical Origins of White Supremacy

Ethan Bottone: “Keeping a Language Alive: Inuktitut”
Instructor: Dr. Bowen
Course: GEOG 490, Nunavut: Culture and Environment

Natural and Social Sciences (Seniors):
Dana Cazan: “Is It Time to Upgrade? The Technological ‘Participation Gap’ and Fairfax County Public Schools”
Instructor: Dr. Moon
Course: AMST 485, Senior Thesis

Katie Geary: “Preferences in Human Mate Selection Explained from a Social Role Perspective and an Evolutionary Perspective”
Instructor: Dr. Liss
Course: PSYC 350, Psychology of Women

Kelsey Coates: “Busying Giddy Minds: A Pluralist Perspective on Argentina’s Invasion of the Falklands”
Instructor: Dr. J. Davidson
Course: PSCI 321, Theories of International Relations

Brian Brown: “Imaginative Geographics: Culture, Power, and Memory in National Memorials”
Instructor: Dr. Hanna
Course: GEOG 491, Cultural Landscape Seminar

Cameron Carroll: They’re Coming to Get You, America: The Popularity of Zombie Films and National Fear during the Cold War and the War on Terror”
Instructor: Dr. Ferrell
Course: HIST 485, Historical Research