The Tutorial

Although a student may seek help with any writing task , such an application essay or a take-home exam (with the instructor’s permission), he or she usually wants advice on writing an assigned paper. The student should always bring a printed copy of the paper.

  • The tutor typically begin by reviewing the assignment sheet and asking what concerns the student has about the paper.
  • The tutor sometimes skims a draft quickly to get a sense of overall organization.
  • The tutor may work on only one section or try to cover the entire draft.
  • The tutor asks questions rather than gives answers, leading the student to discover what is wrong and what to do to correct the problem.
  • Sessions normally last from 30 to 50 minutes.

At the end of the session, the tutor writes a report giving a summary of what was discussed during the session.  The report is not an evaluation of the paper or the student.  A copy of the report is sent to the instructor for whom the student is writing the paper.