Meet the Staff


Kristen Quarforth

Junior; English and Psych (double major) 

Hometown:  Manassas, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: Transitions, flow, clarity


Sarah Hansen 

Senior; English major (creative writing concentration) 

Hometown: McLean, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: Creative writing assignments, grammar, literary analysis, thesis statements


Emma Eichenberyer 

Sophomore; English major 

Hometown: Centreville, VA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: Grammar and academic voice


Alex Priest 

Senior; Computer Science major 

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: Science papers/assignments; grammar 


Abbey Bailey

Junior; English major; Linguistics minor 

Hometown: Lancaster, PA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: grammar, research papers, MLA formatting 


Katherine Ross

Junior; International Affairs major 

Hometown: Annadale, VA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: Outlines; working with long academic papers


Ian Purcell

Senior; Geography major 

Hometown: Alexandria, VA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: Geography; research; a witty sense of humor 


Amy Bonnevier

Junior; Historic Preservation major 

Hometown: Leonardtown, MD

Writing/tutoring strengths: Brainstorming ideas; incorporating supporting evidence 


Kristopher Hiser 

Senior; History major 

Hometown: Hagsville / Wichita, KS 

Writing/tutoring strengths: “I LOVE grammar!” 


Lindsey McCuistion 

Junior; American Studies major 

Hometown: Gloucester, VA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: Brainstorming; Outlining


Andy Unger

Sophomore; Communication and Digital Studies major

Hometown: Annadale, VA 

Writing/tutoring strengths: organization; smooth progression of ideas 


Ryan Brady 

Senior; English major 

Hometown: Onley, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: MLA; grammar/punctuation; brainstorming 


Kristen Littlefield 

Junior; Biology major 

Hometown: Millstone Township, NJ 

Writing/tutoring strengths: analytical writing and scientific papers 


Jacob Ducey

Senior; Psych and Religion (double major) 

Hometown: Ashland, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: Religion and psych papers; APA 


Drew Mesa 

Junior; history major 

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Writing/tutoring strengths: “I LOVE HISTORY!”


Marina Castro-Meirelles

Junior; Political Science major 

Hometown: Braga, Portugal

Writing/tutoring Strengths: Brainstorming; argumentation; Chicago Turabian; APSA… Anything PSCI!


Dasksha Khatri 

Junior; English major / Environmental Sustainability minor

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Writing/tutoring Strengths: English papers, MLA; brainstorming; applications… (Also very skilled at making tea!)


Gail Crunkhorn

Junior; Math and International Affairs (double major) 

Hometown: Monument, CO

Writing/tutoring Strengths: Sentence variety; comma/semi-colon usage


Sydney Schwaiger 

Junior; English (Creative Writing) major

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

Writing/tutoring Strengths: Creative writing and academic papers; argumentation; “flow”


Emma Jones

Sophomore; German major 

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: Punctuation; sentence variety; organization 


Madison Spear

Junior; English and Business Marketing (Double Major) 

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Writing/tutoring Strengths: “I love to help shape ideas and thoughts!”


Miranda Schnakenberg

Senior; English (major) / Creative Writing Concentration

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Writing/tutoring Strengths:“Thesis master. Introduction extraordinaire!”


Cameron Duncan

Senior; English (major) 

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

Writing/tutoring Strengths: “I am passionate about writing and I am pretty funny.”


Lauren Taylor 

Junior; English (major)

Hometown: Madison, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths: “I have a strong passion for writing, grammar, and editing.I hope to work in editing PR one day!”


Sarah Foster

Senior; English (major) 

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Writing/tutoring strengths:  a good listener, creative, and passionate about writing.


Madison Spear

Junior; English (major) and Business 

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Writing / tutoring Strengths: “I love to help shape ideas and thoughts!”