CTE & I offers a variety of grants designed to support faculty scholarship. 

Tenured Faculty Teaching and Learning Grant

Purpose: This grant is open to all tenured UMW faculty and is designed to provide support for tenured faculty interested in engaging in a collaborative or self-directed project to support learning and/or teaching on a theme/topic of choice. Click here to apply.

Learning Circle Work Group Grant

Purpose: This grant is open to all UMW faculty. Faculty group leader(s) will self-determine a focus question/theme to shape exploration within the format of a learning circle. A learning circle designed to bring together a small group of faculty (within and across disciplines) to  explore a particular pedagogy/technology question and/or theme as a pathway to promote self-directed professional development. This is a place to share ideas, connect with colleagues, gain alternative perspectives, and stimulate new thinking.  CTE & I will purchase books or provide materials for participants. Click here to apply.

Interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Communities Grant

Purpose: This grant is open to all UMW faculty. Faculty group leader(s) will self-determine a focus question/theme designed to bring faculty together from different disciplines to form a learning community around a broad theme. Faculty will meet regularly to explore their chosen theme and develop pedagogy/praxis that can be infused into the curriculum. Please click here to apply.

Meaningful Student Learning Micro Grant

Purpose: This grant is open to all UMW faculty.  CTE & I holds a strong commitment to enhancing teaching and learning through implementing and/or developing innovative pedagogy to support student engagement.  Please click here to apply.

Adjunct and Full-time Faculty Mentoring Lunch Fund

Purpose: Modest funding is available (rolling basis) to provide lunch for departmental adjunct mentoring and full-time faculty meetings. Please be aware of the new Business Meal Policy:

Business Meal Requirements

  • The reason for the meal/food purchase involves a substantive and bona fide business discussing official state business that is documented on the Business Meal and Approval Form.
  • The meal includes a non-UMW employee or employees from different UMW Presidential Cabinet areas. NOTE: When only UMW employees are involved in the meal, at least one attendee must cross UMW Presidential Cabinet areas. Meals for family members, significant others, etc. are NOT allowable.
  • The President or designated signer approves a completed Business Meal and Food Approval Form.
  • A list of ALL persons by name involved MUST be included on this form. If the meal or function is open to the campus or a specific group, identify the group name and include an approximate number.
  • An ORIGINAL, ITEMIZED receipt showing all items purchased for the meal is provided. (Credit card slips with only a total are NOT acceptable.)

Please click here to apply.

Professional Conference, Experiential Learning, and Speaker Grants

Purpose: CTE & I has modest funding available (rolling basis) to fund a number of faculty to attend conferences that promote teaching and learning.  Faculty may attend as either presenters or participants. CTE & I will also assist departments with funding to bring speakers to campus to present on teaching-related topics. Please click here to apply.