Individual Consultation

CTE & I offers a customized confidential consultation for faculty, departments, and colleges to study their own teaching and explore programs as a means to improve student learning. Among the most popular types of consultations are those related to designing a course or syllabus, infusing active student engagement, critical incident questionnaire, significant learning, and other self-identified areas of interest.  Please contact the Center to schedule an appointment.

Small Group Analysis

Course & Syllabus Design

Faculty can work with CTE & I at any stage of designing a course, from defining the topic of the course to putting the finishing touches on the syllabus.  CTE & I will help faculty identify broad learning goals, develop significant learning experiences, well-timed assignments, and determine ways of assessing whether and how students have achieved those goals.  Please contact the Center to schedule an appointment.

Department Consultation

Under construction – please check back soon.