Advisory Committee Mission

CTE & I works closely with UMW’s Teaching Center Advisory Committee, Colleges, as well as other partner Centers across campus working towards supporting UMW’s mission of “providing a superior education that inspires and enables our students to make positive changes in the world.”

CTE & I Advisory Committee plays a vital role in helping guide Center’s initiatives of providing significant learning experiences, programs, events, services, and resources.  This group of creative, dynamic, dedicated faculty are a source of professional expertise to the director and provides input into the programs and services offered by the CTE & I, ensuring that the CTE & I is faculty-focused and faculty-driven.

The Advisory Committee assists the Center in the following ways:

.1 Support the creation and enhancement of a culture of teaching excellence at UMW

Guide long-term planning and CTE & I’s role at University of Mary Washington, including addressing issues such as the Center’s mission, goals, strategies, and name.

 .2 Serve as a resource for the director in planning and implementing programs of CTE & I;

Identify and prioritize major teaching and learning needs and opportunities across the university; suggest ways for CTE & I programs, services, and resources to address these issues.

 .3 Promote and participate in the programs of CTE & I;

Advance, participate, and support the activities of the Center by informing faculty in their colleges of programs, events and services offered at the CTE & I.

 .4 Facilitate communication between the faculty and staff and the Center; and

Serve as advocates and liaisons for the CTE & I with Colleges, departments and the broader university community to represent the interests and needs of faculty    in their respected colleges.

 .5 Perform other duties consistent with its charge as assigned by the University Faculty Council.

Review CTE & I grant programs and other pedagogical initiatives.

Provide direction on assessment of CTE & I’s effectiveness and review results; strategize about ways to build on strengths and address challenges.

Representatives are encouraged to assume leadership roles in their colleges and use their Advisory Board position to help accomplish specific pedagogical and      service goals.

Our collective work is to provide leadership, advocacy, support, faculty development, and services for “faculty, students, and staff to share in the creation and exploration of knowledge through freedom of inquiry, personal responsibility, and service.”