October ‘Box of Awesome’ Winner Announced

Dave-Henderson-Box-of-Awesome-TropicalDr. Dave Henderson, Professor in the College of Business has been awarded a Box of Awesome for his October submission. If you see Dave be sure to congratulate him and ask him what was in his ‘Box of Awesome.’

Dave shared, “I strongly believe that students need to recognize the connection between business and the liberal arts. To this end, I have created two group presentations that connect different liberal arts disciplines to Accounting.” Below are two of his projects:

1) “History and Expense Reports,” requires students to read the book “George Washington’s Expense Account.” The intent of this assignment is to help students understand how historical events, such as the Revolutionary War, can be interpreted by examining accounting records.

2)  “Psychology and Relevant Costing,” asks students to read psychology research about why people consider sunk costs when making decisions. The intent of this assignment is two-fold: first, to help students recognize that even executive managers are often influenced by psychological biases when making important business decisions; and second, to help students realize the relevance of psychology theories (e.g., prospect theory) to business judgment and decision-making.

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