‘Box of Awesome’ Winner Announced


Dr. Jon Pineda, Professor in the English, Linguistics, and Communication Department has been awarded a Box of Awesome for his September submission.     If you seen Jon be sure to congratulate him and ask him what was in his ‘Box of Awesome.’

How often do you get to watch cartoons FOR class? Well, that’s what we’re doing in ENGL 302a: Intro to Creative Writing. To help my students better understand character Point of View (POV) and utilize concrete and significant details in their own writing, I’ve provided them with four video clips from “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” (both Cartoon Network shows) and have asked that they choose a character from one of the clips and write a “story fragment” from that character’s perspective. They’re not simply summarizing the scenes; they’re establishing (and writing from) that particular character’s consciousness.

The clips are available under the “Assignments” page of the course blog (http://302prose.umwblogs.org/assignments/), and my students have already started posting their “story fragments” on the blog’s Home page. It’s been fun watching them engage with this assignment! Plus, it’s taken the burden off of them to write fully developed short stories…we’ll get to that part later in the semester.

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