‘Box of Awesome’ Winner Announced

Dr. Caitlin Finlayson, Adjunct Instructor in the Geography Department has been awarded a Box of Awesome for her submission.

She had her World Geography class complete a group project which required them to be travel agents and present a vacation-style trip to a particular region of the world to their classmates. In a survey course, it’s difficult to study particular places in-depth, so this project allowed my students to be the researchers and to really get to know a particular region of the world that they selected. My students were so creative they created:  Eco tours of rain forests, a cruise around the islands of Southeast Asia, one group pretended to have just come back from a study abroad trip to Brazil and shared their culinary exploration with the class, and other groups shared food from their chosen region. One student even mentioned that he was so impressed by the scenery of South Africa that he wants to travel there soon.

I was so excited to see my students really embrace this project and be able to share their research. My motto has always been: “Anyone can be a geographer, you just have to be curious about the world around you,” and through this project, they were definitely able to become geographers themselves!

Be sure to congratulate Caitlin when you see her and find out what was in her ‘Box of Awesome!

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