Useful Links

Speech Content Resources:

UMW Libraries

Project Muse: a searchable database of journals based at Johns Hopkins University.
Some journal articles are available for printing.

Search Washington Post for articles of current interest

CHA – This site lists quotation by topic. Topics include change, communication, ideas, invention, vocation, life and collections.

Documentation Info from UWisconsin at Madison – This site is useful for students needing to write works cited pages in papers. It discusses proper MLA, APA, and other useful style citing for things such as the World Wide Web, emails, online reference sources and software programs and video games.

Public Speaking Links:

URichmond Speaking Center – This is an excellent site set up for student use. It explains the usefulness of a speaking center and provides many links under “resources and publications.”

Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking website - This site includes categories of interest including assessing, analyzing, researching, organizing and delivering; all crucial steps of a good speech. The archives include historical speeches, Supreme Court oral arguments (rhetoric Рgood for debates) and even Presidential Speechmaking.

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear – This site shows how to “conquer public speaking fear” and gives the 10 principles to remember when delivering a speech.

Communication Organizations:

American Communication Association

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
Lots of links to searchable databases related to communication

International Communication Association

National Communication Association Рthe newly redesigned site includes materials and information about the communication field

Southern States Communication Association


Library of Congress Brief Guides to the Internet

This site provides an introduction to the Internet by answering commonly asked questions, giving an overview of the basics, explaining how to explore the Internet, how to communicate through it, and it discusses tools for accessing the Internet.

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

This site includes guides on how to use Netscape and Lynx, it gives a recommended search strategy, it explains the three types of search tools and provides style sheets for citing Internet and Electronic resources.