What is CAPP?

CAPP Degree Evaluation is an advising tool used by both students and advisors to evaluate coursework against degree requirements.  CAPP produces a report reflecting academic progress toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree in the student’s declared or proposed major.  The CAPP degree evaluation report shows how University of Mary Washington courses, transfer courses, and courses in-progress apply toward degree requirements.  You can initiate a degree evaluation, view results, and print evaluation reports via Banner.

Important Reminders

  • CAPP degree evaluations are not official.  It is the ultimate responsibility of the student to be sure all the requirements for the degree have been met. For undergraduate BA/BS students, final approval for graduation is determined by the Registrar’s Office. For BLS students, approval is determined by the BLS Office.  Graduate degrees, as well as, the undergraduate BPS degree are approved through their appropriate college.
  • CAPP degree evaluation does not take the place of regular academic advising. You should work closely with your academic advisor to plan out how you can achieve your academic goals.

Instructions to Request a Degree Evaluation

If you are a matriculated UMW student, you can log onto Banner to request, view and print degree evaluations for any degree program available in CAPP.

  • Go to myUMW.
  • Enter your NetID (tsmith) and Network Password, and click “Login.”
  • Go to Eagle Gateway.
  • Go to Banner Self Service.
  • Click Student and Financial Aid.
  • Select Student Records
  • Select Degree Evaluation
  • Select a Term (Select current term; Submit)
  • Link at Bottom of Page: Select Generate New Evaluation (to produce a degree evaluation for the listed curriculum) or What-if Analysis (to produce an evaluation for any available program and major)

Generate a New Evaluation

  • Program (Select radio button)
  • Term (Select anticipated graduation term)
  • Generate Request
  • Submit

What-if Analysis

  • Entry Term (Select catalog term; Continue)
  • Program (Select program; Continue)
  • First Major (Select major; Submit)
  • Evaluation Term (Select anticipated graduation term)
  • Generate Request
  • Submit

CAPP Glossary of Terms

Area: An area represents each major component of a degree program, such as General Education, Major or Electives.
Attribute: An attribute identifies specific characteristics of courses and students that can be used in degree evaluation (WI and G6 are examples of course attributes).
CAPP: Acronym for the Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning software (Degree Evaluation).  CAPP tracks a student’s progress toward the degree.
Catalog Term: If using “Generate New Evaluation” it is the semester in which you declared your major.  If using “What-If Analysis” it appears on the degree evaluation and is the same as “Entry Term”.
Connectors: “And”, “or”, and “none” are the three types of connectors used in CAPP.  These connectors are used when defining detail requirements for programs and areas.  They allow combinations such as the number credits and/or courses required.
Curriculum: The programs offered at the University of Mary Washington are what constitute the curriculum.  These include such basics as level, degree and major.
Degree Evaluation: The process of running an evaluation via Banner.  Checks coursework against degree requirements and generates a report.
Entry Term: Fall semester of the catalog year the requirements will be evaluated against.
Evaluation Term: Anticipated term of graduation.
Exception: An exception reflects any changes, such as waivers or substitutions, applied to your academic program.  This allows CAPP to individualize your specific degree program.
Expected Graduation Date: At UMW, the date does not always reflect the actual Expected Date of Graduation and should be ignored. The Expected Date of Graduation is set a number of years beyond the current semester so that loan companies do not put students in repayment status. The term is updated once a student submits a degree application.
In Progress: Courses a student has enrolled in that have not yet been graded.  In-progress courses will have a source code of “R” on the evaluation.  Each evaluation assumes you will successfully complete the courses for which you are currently registered and that none of these is a duplicate or exceeds the maximum allowed toward degree requirements.
Met: Indicates requirements for a program or area have been satisfied.
Not Met: Indicates requirements for a program or area have not been satisfied.
Overall GPA: Current grade point average for all courses taken at UMW.
Program: A program is always the goal that a student is aiming for; BA-ENGL, BS-BIOL, etc.
Program GPA: Is not used at UMW.
Requirements: The detailed specifics of what the program or area require. Requirements can be things such as the specific grades allowed, maximum number of courses, and minimum GPAs. The General Education requirements, major and other requirements are broken down into specific pieces known as area requirements. Each area requirement is independent and must be satisfactorily completed. The requirements are not completely satisfied if any individual area requirement is deficient and is marked “Not Met”.
Result as of: The date the degree evaluation was generated.

A rule is used to handle complicated requirements such as:

Selecting three courses from a list of ten courses;

Selecting one group of courses from many groups.


Where within the student’s banner record the course resides: E- examination, H-academic history, T-transfer, R- current registration or Z-student attribute.

Used: Indicates the number of credits/courses used for the degree evaluation. Includes in-progress courses.
Unused: Indicates the number of credits/courses not used for the degree evaluation. Generally contains courses with the grades of F, FA, and W.

Frequently Asked Questions

If, after reviewing these questions and answers, you need additional information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Who can use the CAPP degree evaluation?

All degree seeking students, with the exception of MS (Elem Ed) students, can use CAPP.

Some courses are hyperlinked on my degree evaluation and some are not.  How can I see the descriptions for all courses in my program?

The system only hyperlinks courses that you have not yet taken and that are specifically required ( i.e., not part of a list of several courses) for your program to the online catalog. To look for other course descriptions, go directly to the online catalog and follow the prompts there.

What is a “What-If” Evaluation?

The “What-If” option allows you to run an evaluation of any program and major.  The “What-If” is also used to run an evaluation of your second major.

What is the “Entry Term” mean? What does the “Evaluation Term” mean?

The “Entry Term” is the fall semester of the catalog year your requirements will be evaluated against.  For example, students entering from Fall 2003 up to but not including Fall 2005 would use an “Entry Term” of Fall 2003, 200308. The “Evaluation Term” is the term you expect to graduate.

Why is the Expected Graduation Date on my evaluation incorrect?

At UMW, the date does not always reflect the actual Expected Graduation Date and should be ignored.  The Expected Graduation Date is set a number of years beyond the current semester so that loan companies do not put students into repayment status.

How does CAPP decide where to place the courses I’ve completed?

CAPP processes your course chronologically, based on a “best-fit” approach and the way the requirements are defined. It will look through each of your courses, and then assign each course to the first requirement in your degree program that the course will fulfill.

The degree evaluation placed one of my courses in two places.  Is that okay?

Yes. CAPP is programmed to recognize that courses can fulfill multiple requirements.

I met Goal 1 with SAT scores.  Does CAPP know that I don’t have to complete Goal 1?

Yes. As long as we have your test scores, the system is capable of marking requirements as met.

Does the CAPP evaluation include my in-progress courses?

Yes. CAPP includes all courses in which you are registered.

Some requirements have “and” & “or” next to them.  What does this mean?

A requirement with an “or” beside it means that you can take the requirement it is listed next to or the one listed above it. A requirement with an “and” next to it means that you must take both the requirement it is listed next to and the one above it.

What happens to a course when I receive an “I” (incomplete) grade?

Courses with incomplete grades appear as unused on the evaluation until a final grade has been recorded.  Then the course will be used appropriately.

I earned a direct transfer AA degree from a Virginia Community College before I came to UMW.  How does this appear on my evaluation?

A special General Education area including only the requirements necessary for students with an approved Associate degree has been created and that is the area you should receive on you evaluation.

I can only process my evaluation on one major at a time. What if I’m a double major?

To evaluate a second major, use the “What-If Analysis” link at the bottom of the page.

I haven’t declared my major yet, how can I be sure I am on track with my prospective major?

Use the “What-If Analysis” to evaluate your coursework against any major program available.

How can I find my major GPA?

For most majors, all of your required major courses are listed in one area. The grade point average at the end of this area is your major GPA. English and Biology majors should use the area marked “Major GPA”.

What are the program and overall GPAs that are listed on the first page of my evaluation?

The overall grade point average is your cumulative grade point average. The program grade point average is not used at UMW.

What if I have a problem with my evaluation?  Who should I contact?

  • Registrar’s Office, Lee 206, for BA/BS students
  • BLS Office, Lee 437, for BLS students
  • BPS should contact Ms Cropp on the Stafford campus
  • MEd and MS Education students should contact Ms Gallahan on the Stafford campus
  • MBA and MS students should contact Ms Braxton on the Stafford campus

What if nothing happens when I select “Generate New Evaluation”?

You must select the radio button next to the program.  If you don’t you will receive the message “Please ensure a valid program was entered”.