Departmental Honors

Most academic departments have criteria in place for students seeking departmental honors. Students who wish to demonstrate excellence in their field of study should consult the department chair for requirements. Upon successful completion and departmental affirmation, students should follow the guidelines below for submitting materials to the library. Departmental Honors are recorded on each student’s official transcript.

Guidelines for Submitting Honor Theses

Students need to have their honors theses submitted to Simpson Library by Friday, May 3. If there is a problem with meeting this deadline, please contact Tina Faulconer at 540-654-1761 or

Approval Sheet:
The thesis MUST include the signed approval sheet indicating that the thesis has been accepted for partial fulfillment for departmental honors before it is delivered to the Library. It is the responsibility of your Honors Advisor or Departmental Chair to provide you with this form.

Please provide one original unbound paper copy of your thesis. The paper copy of your thesis will be bound and catalogued by the Library and then housed in Special Collections as a primary research document.

You may also submit a digital copy of your thesis for inclusion in Archives @ UMW. Please see for instructions on submitting a digital copy of your thesis.

Further questions regarding the submission of honors theses to the Library should be directed to Tina Faulconer, at 540-654-1761 or, or Carolyn S. Parsons, Special Collections Librarian, at 540-654-1752 or For questions specific to the submission of a digital copy of your thesis, please contact Paul Boger at 540-286-8066.

Honors Theses Submissions to the Digital Archive

What is the Digital Archive?

Archives @ UMW, available at, is the University of Mary Washington’s Digital Library Repository. Among the many collections available at Archives @ UMW, UMW Libraries is planning to digitize and make available UMW Honors Theses and EDCI 589 and 590 Projects.

Why would I want to include my thesis?

Archives @ UMW is publically accessible on the Web and is an excellent way to showcase your thesis to employers, family, and friends. Online access will increase the availability of your work to other scholars in your research area and reduce the wear and tear on the print copies, preserving them electronically. While inclusion of your thesis in the digital archive is encouraged, it is also completely voluntary.

How do I submit my thesis for inclusion in Archives @ UMW?

To submit your approved Honor Thesis to Archives @ UMW, please do the following:

Fill out the Honors Paper Submission Form available at This form will allow you to upload a “digital copy” of your thesis. You can upload any files associated with your thesis, such as Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, graphics, and video or audio files.

Fill out the Electronic Archive Submission and Release Form (a copy is available for download at and submit it to Tina Faulconer at Simpson Library when you submit your unbound paper copy. Theses without a signed Release Form will not be included in Archives @ UMW.

What about the signed approval sheet?

Before we make your thesis available in Archives @ UMW, Library staff will scan the signed approval sheet from the paper copy of your thesis that we are adding to our physical archives. We will add the digitized approval sheet to the files you submitted via the Honors Paper Submission Form.

How long will it take before my thesis appears in Archives @ UMW?

Please see  for more information about the timeline.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact Carolyn Parsons, Special Collections Librarian, at 540-654-1752 or or Paul Boger, Stafford Campus Library Manager, at 540-286-8066 .