Honors Program Requirements

Please see the Announcements page for updates to the Honors Program Requirements (effective Fall 2016)

Yearly Requirements for the Honors Program

  • Maintain a 3.2 GPA overall  – GPA policy (Minimum GPA Requirement policy)
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 6 Honors credits per year until all of the requirements are fulfilled
  • Participate in a minimum of one Honors co-curricular event per semester (a minimum of 8 events prior to graduation)
  • Complete a portfolio of honors program work and activities
  • Attend meetings of the honors program students

NOTE – ** must be pre-approved by the Honors Director/Committee

Required Course work:

  • Honors First Year Seminar, HONR100 (3 credits) – must be completed in the first-year in the program
  • Sponsored/mentored Service Project, HONR201** – must be completed before the end of the second year in the program
  • Honors Program leadership – serve as a leader on or off campus**
  • Project/Research Design Seminar (1 course)
  • Honors Program Mentoring – participate in the alumni mentoring program (new fall 2015) or through mentoring an underclassman honors student.
  • Honors designated coursework and/or contract based coursework**  (minimum of 5 courses)
  • Capstone Honors Course OR Honors Project (Thesis or Performance) in a discipline OR Interdisciplinary Project** (minimum 3 credits)

** must be pre-approved by the Honors Director/Committee

Co-Curricular Event Requirements

Each semester, students must participate in at least one co-curricular event and write a one-page summary of the event.


Logging Service Hours for HONR 201, Leadership, or Mentoring Requirement

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Assessment Requirements

Each honors program student is required to maintain an honors portfolio.  A portfolio is a collection of work and reflective essays that serve many purposes:

For the student:

  • provides a record of academic work that can be used to demonstrate personal and intellectual development
  • allows for metacognition/reflection about your goals, career interests, and development

For the honors program:

  • provides a means to monitor student progress
  • allows for assessment and measurement of the effectiveness of the Honors Program

Contents of the Portfolio

Students are required to maintain a ePortfolio through myUMW.   By the end of the spring semester (last day of final exams), your ePortfolio must be up to date on myUMW.  The Honors Program Committee and the Director will assess the portfolio.

The portfolio must contain:

  • at least one written paper or assignment from HONR 100 course (or course that fulfills the HONR 100 requirement)
  • at least one representative paper or assignment from each of the designated HN courses
  • Initial essay portfolio_initial_essay_instructions_f14
  • personal statements for each year – the personal statements serve as an opportunity to reflect on your academic experiences.  These statements should be one to two types pages in length and should articulate the following:
    • your understanding of knowledge obtained in your courses and academic experiences
    • interests
    • personal and professional goals
    • the role the honors program has played in your academic development
    • copies of the summaries from the co-curricular events attended
    • copy of the Honors Program Requirements Checksheets updated with completed requirements
    • summary of the sponsored mentored service project
    • final paper or project for the capstone honors course or honors project

Honor Program Requirements Checksheet_14_15