There are a number of ways you can subscribe to receive regular updates from DTLT’s new Web site. The method you choose depends on how frequently and through which channel you would like to receive updates.


All Site Updates

If you would like to receive an email every time we add something new to our site, you can enter your email below. Please note, this method will result in an email for every new post on our site, including news and announcements, new featured projects, events, and information about upcoming events.

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Weekly Newsletters

If you would like to receive an email once a week with a summary of all the latest additions to our Web site, please sign up below.

Monthy Newsletters

By default, all UMW faculty will receive a monthly email newsletter with featured annoucements and Web site content. You do not need to do anything to subscribe to this mailing.


RSS is a protocol that allows you to subscribe to a “feed” of Web content using a special application or Web site called an “RSS Reader.” In order to use an RSS reader you will either need to download a piece of software to your computer or set up an account on a reader Web site. One of the most popular Web-based RSS readers is Google Reader; you can easily use it if you have a Google account.  If you click one of the RSS links below, your browser should present you with the option to add this site’s feed to the RSS Reader of your choice.

For more information about RSS, please check out this section on our New Media Center Web site.

All Site Updates

You can subscribe to all new content on our site by putting the address into your feed reader.

Category Feeds

In addition, you can subscribe to a feed of updates from any of our site’s categories:

As our site grows and new categories are added, this list will expand.


We maintain our event information on a Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendars or any iCal enabled calendar system, you can subscribe to our events.

Subscribe via Google Calendar

If you visit our public calendar online you will see a small button at the bottom of the calendar:


Simply click this button to add our events to your own Google Calendar. (You will need a Google account for this option.)

Subscribe via iCal

If you use a calendar system that is iCal-enabled, you will need to use the following URL to subscribe:

You can find a list of applications that are iCal enabled at