About DTLT

The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies is a group of creative, reflective educators and technologists who foster community around and drive advances in teaching, learning, and research, by developing pedagogical partnerships with faculty and academic units.

The team is deeply engaged with colleagues and organizations throughout the world, working to explore new ideas and to provoke new conversations here at University of Mary Washington.

  • DTLT facilitates discussion of how and why educational technology is implemented at UMW, helping drive thinking about the future of education and the digital liberal arts and sciences.
  • We collaborate with faculty to explore new and experimental pedagogical approaches, using platforms that include Domain of One’s Own, Canvas, and more.
  • We help develop expertise integrating digital pedagogies in curriculum for teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • We re-imagine where learning happens for both traditional and non-traditional students, working in DTLT’s Incubator Classroom to realize the potential of active learning spaces.
  • We provide leadership in sustainable and ethical approaches to online and hybrid learning at UMW.
  • We encourage and support digital collaboration between faculty at the institution, as well with other faculty in the state, across the country, and around the world.
  • We manage various new media resources, audio/video production studios, and work with faculty to create rich transmedia learning experiences.

What We Offer

DTLT offers incubator sessions and workshops during the semester. Workshops are short introductions to a tool or approach that provide basic information and application/examples. Incubator sessions are drop-in opportunities for students and faculty to work together in a specific digital platform with support from peers and guidance from DTLT team members.

We explore strategies including digital community, active learning, project-based learning, collaborative research and production, peer-driven learning, networked learning, and formative assessment.

We help faculty develop skills with digital tools including, but not limited to, Domain of One’s Own, Canvas, Knightlab tools, UMW Blogs, Google Apps, WordPress, Scholar’s Lab tools, and digital media of all kinds. These tools, when integrated effectively and responsibly, can improve student agency and enhance the learning environment/experience. DTLT is committed to working with faculty and academic units in order to build the digital capacity and agency, not only of the students, but of the faculty as well.

To start working with DTLT contact us to set up an initial consultation. Also, check out the Our Team page for details on each of our specialties and interests. The focus of the consultation will be to discuss pedagogical goals and the possible tools that could be used to meet those goals.