About DTLT

The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies is a service organization available to any UMW faculty member who wishes to explore how digital technologies can augment and transform teaching, learning, and research at the University.

Staff – DTLT staff consult with faculty about academic technologies on every scale: from small projects incorporating a single technology into a part of an existing assignment to wholesale digital redesigns of traditional courses.
Services – DTLT are constantly researching new and emerging technology trends, best practices in using technology for teaching and learning, and the impacts of technology, generally, on higher education and the creation and sharing of knowledge.

DTLT research informs projects at the University and allows the division to serve as a conduit between faculty and students at UMW and external academic, research, and technical communities which are also engaged in the exploration and innovative use of digital technologies.

In collaboration with the University’s Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning, DTLT also offers professional development opportunities to faculty and staff. The division serves as an organizational contact for several academic technology consortiums and centers, including the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), the New Media Consortium (NMC), and the National Institute for Teaching and Liberal Education (NITLE). DTLT publicizes opportunities offered by these organizations to faculty at UMW and supports faculty participation in academic technology conferences, workshops, and seminars.

We invite you to contact someone in DTLT and begin your own exploration!