Canvas Notes: Canvas Mobile 2.0 is here!

Canvas Mobile 2.0 * is here! Download the Canvas by Instructure app in iTunes or the Google Play store.

Changes to the mobile app reflect full browser version functionality so you can complete an entire course online. With the addition of Modules and Quizzes, you can now access the same navigation tabs you use in your course, providing more consistency between the mobile app and your desktop.

image canvas m@bile 2.0

Need help with Canvas Mobile 2.0? You can locate all the mobile lessons in their new mobile manuals in the Canvas Guides.

*iOS version 6 (iOS5 will no longer be supported but is still available in the app store) and the iPad 2.0 tablet release will be released this Fall.  

** Speedgrader for iPad™ is a separate application and does not currently support APIs.


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