24 Hour Hackathon

On Friday, November 16th at 5pm we will kick off our first 24-hour Hackathon in the ThinkLab. If you’ve got a pet project you’ve wanted to work on and didn’t have the tools or knowledge to make it happen make plans to stop by and spend some time at the event. We will have some larger projects going on including building a new 3D printer and a CNC Mill. There will be free pizza and drinks (and maybe pancakes in the morning). We often get asked how students can use the space if they’re not a part of a class that is making use of it. This is your chance! If students want to start a club to meet regularly in the space and get access anytime the library is open this is the perfect opportunity to organize that. If this event is successful we’ll do it again in the Spring. So put it on your calendar and make plans to come!

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