Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of accommodations do you offer for students with disabilities?

  • Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis and are determined by demonstrated need.

How do I get tested for a learning disability?

  • Professionals who are qualified to evaluate you for a learning disability include clinical or educational psychologists, school psychologists, and learning disabilities specialists. The Office of Disability Resources may be able to direct you to a local practitioner, if your area is not included on this list of Learning Disability Evaluators. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the evaluation.

Is my 504 Plan or IEP enough documentation to get accommodations?

  • They are not considered adequate documentation, although they are useful in understanding the prior academic experiences of the student. Please see “Documentation Guidelines” for specific disabilities.

Will I get the same services I received in high school?

  • Not necessarily. The laws governing post-secondary schools and high schools are different.  Accommodations must be consistent with the University’s academic standards and are determined by demonstrated need.

How do I get air conditioning or other accommodations in my residence hall for my asthma/allergies?

  • Requests for air conditioning only are processed by the Office of Residence Life.  You must send a completed A/C Only application to the Office of Residence Life which includes specific information from your physician or other diagnosing professional.

How do I get a handicapped-parking permit?

  • Please contact Parking Management at 540-654-1129 in regards to parking needs.

Am I eligible for a substitution of the foreign language requirement?

  • If you are experiencing difficulty with foreign language learning, you should request an appointment with the Director of ODR to talk about possible accommodations and curricular options. In some cases, a student will be advised to pursue a request for a substitution of the foreign language requirement. See University of Mary Washington | Foreign Language Course Substitution for an overview of the process.

Do you offer tutoring?

  • The University of Mary Washington offers free tutoring to all undergraduate students, not just those with disabilities.  Contact the Office of Academic and Career Services at 540-654-1010 to schedule a tutoring session or go to their Web site to sign up online.

Do you supply personal assistants to students with mobility impairment?

  • No. Students must hire and supervise their own personal assistants.