Frequently Asked Housing Questions

How do I request housing accommodations?

Students in need of housing accommodations due to a documented disability, must complete the request form for Disability-Related Housing Accommodations.  The application consists of four parts: the two student-completed forms (Part 1 & Part II), the disability documentation form (Part III)  to be completed by an appropriate professional (e.g., medical, psychological, or treating practitioner) and his/her letter on letterhead stating date of last visit, professional credentials and signature. Students who do not have disabilities but have special requests, such as Gender Neutral housing and non-smoking roommate should state these preferences on the housing questionnaire provided by the Office of Residence Life.

Where do I submit the forms?

Completed request forms should be submitted to the Office of Disability Resources,  Lee Hall 401, University of Mary Washington, 1301 College Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, fax: 540-654-2155.

Will the committee consider the application if it is not fully completed?

No.  All portions of the application must be complete.  Doctors’ notes are not accepted unless all questions asked on the request form are addressed.

Is there a deadline for requesting disability-related housing accommodations?

Yes.  Documentation for housing accommodations are always accepted, however, if received after the deadline, requested accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Housing Accommodation Deadlines.

How do I know if an appropriate practitioner has completed the medical documentation form?

The practitioner required is determined by the documentation guidelines for the specific disability. Feel free to call the ODR with any questions (540-654-1266)

What types of housing accommodations are considered?

Typical requests include, but are not limited to, no more than one roommate, flashing fire alarm, first floor room, and residence halls with elevator. Each accommodation request must relate to the nature of the disability and be supported by the disability documentation.

Are students with allergies typically considered disabled and receive housing accommodations?

Students with asthma/allergies may request air conditioned residence halls through the office of Residence Life without submitting disability documentation to the ODR.

Students with severe food allergies should submit accommodation requests to ODR and are strongly encouraged to discuss any dietary needs with Dining Services.

How are decisions made?

All housing accommodation requests are reviewed by a committee with representation from UMW Student Health, The Talley Center,  Residence Life, and ODR.  The committee determines if the request provides sufficient documentation of a disability and the need for reasonable accommodation as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How will I be notified of the decision of the committee?

You will receive an e-mail through your UMW e-mail account notifying you of the committee decision.

If denied a request, is there an appeal process?

Yes. If you believe that the committee was in error you may submit an appeal letter, in writing and addressed to the Housing Accommodations committee c/o ODR.  Appeal letters must include the reasons you believe the committee was in error and give supporting documentation.

If I receive approval for a housing accommodation one year, will I automatically be approved for the following academic years without having to reapply?

No. Students receiving housing accommodations, will receive an email from ODR providing them with directions on what is needed to re-request their housing accommodations about a month prior to the deadline for returning student applications.