For Students

Depending on the student’s needs, the Office of Disability Resources coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities, advises and assists in arranging accommodations and acts as a liaison between students and faculty / administration / staff on issues relating to accommodations. Each student may require a different approach in order to achieve equal access to programs and services.

Student Handbook

New Students

For students requesting accommodations for the first time, please allow ample time for the review of your documentation (3-4 weeks in busy times of the year) and a meeting with the Assistant Director.

Returning Students

For returning students requesting accommodations that have not been previously approved, please plan ahead.  Accommodations requested after  the mid-point of the semester will be provided if possible, but may not be available to the student until the following semester.  No faculty accommodation letters will be printed during the last week of class or during the week of final exams.

Some accommodations require the Disability Resource office to coordinate with outside services or agencies. If you are requesting an accommodation such as the provision of a sign language interpreter, CART, or Typewell services please notify us as soon as possible, but no later than 4 weeks in advance. A request made with less than four weeks notice may result in a delay in receiving accommodations.

Once a student has presented appropriate documentation of a disability, he/she may request accommodations, which may include, but are not limited to: