Information Assurance and Security

The concentration in information assurance and security provides opportunities for students to pursue a career in this field while focusing on technical and managerial skills that are keys to ensuring data security in a variety of organizations. The concentration also offers course work that prepares individuals for computer security certification programs.


Required Courses (30 credits)

BPST 314 Business Legal Environment (3 credits)
CIST 299 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3 credits)
CIST 301 Business Information Systems (3 credits)
CIST 304 Computer Information Systems Programming I (3 credits)
CIST 406 Data Communications and Networking (3 credits)
CIST 440 Computer Information Security (3 credits)
CIST 441 Network Security and Cryptography (3 credits)
CIST 442 Security Policy, Planning, and Assurance (3 credits)
CIST 443 Computer Forensics (3 credits)
or CIST 444 Ethical Hacking and Malware Analysis (3 credits)
CIST 490 IT Research Project (3 credits)

Elective Courses (9 credits to be selected)

CIST 305 Computer Information Systems Programming II (3 credits)
CIST 401 Database Systems (3 credits)
CIST 425 Systems Analysis (3 credits)
CIST 426 Managing Emerging Technologies (3 credits)
CIST 461 Project Management for IT (3 credits)
CIST 471 Special Topics (3-6 credits)
CIST 491 Directed Study (1-6 credits)
CIST 499 Internship (1-6 credits)