Geographic Information Science

The use of Geographic Information Science (GIS) has soared in business, in the defense industry, and in planning and environmental fields worldwide. The Fredericksburg region’s anticipated economic development and population growth are expected to fuel the need for GIS expertise to manage the area’s growth.

The BPS concentration provides the technical and business aspects of GIS, and it gives students key knowledge and skills in various areas required for successful work in geographic information enterprises.

Required Courses (40 credits)

BPST 314 Business Legal Environment (3 credits)
CIST 299 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3 credits)
CIST 325 Information Security (3 credits)
CIST 425 Systems Analysis (3 credits)
CIST 461 Project Management for IT (3 credits)
CIST 490 IT Research Project (3 credits)
GISC 200 Introduction to GIS (4 credits)
GISC 220 Advanced Spatial Analysis (4 credits)
GISC 350 ArcObjects Programming (4 credits)
GISC 390 Geodatabases (4 credits)
LRSP 306 Economics for Business (3 credits)
LRSP 311 The Management Process (3 credits)
or LRSP 331 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

In addition, an undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science is available. The 18-credit certificate requires the completion of five courses designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge of GIS.