Raising Alerts (Flags and Kudos)

There are two main types of alerts (also called Tracking Items) in Starfish: Flags and Kudos.

 Raise a Flag to alert faculty of an issue or concern with a student in a course or in some other aspect of their academic career.  Flags will  trigger email notifications to faculty and staff members.
Add Kudos  to acknowledge positive progress/achievements of students. Kudos almost always include an email to the student with the comments of the person who is adding the kudos.


How to – Raise a tracking item for a student or students

  1. Navigate to the My Students tab
  2. Select the desired student(s)
  • For a single student: click on the student’s name to navigate to the Student Folder or click the checkbox to the left of the student’s name.
  • To select multiple students, select the checkbox to the left of each of the desired students’ names
  • To select all students listed on the current page, select the checkbox at the top of the list of names (note that this selects ONLY the students on the current page, if your list extends beyond one page, you will need to select students page by page).

flag 1

  • Select the desired tracking item from the button bar at the top of the Student List (e.g. Flag) or from the button bar at the top of the individual Student Folder.

flag 2

flag 3

  • If you select multiple students and there are no tracking items of the type you selected that you have permission to raise on all of the selected students, you will receive an error message.

flag 4

  • On the form displayed, select the tracking item to be raised from the drop down list presented. Only those items that you have permission to add for the student(s) selected will be displayed.
    As appropriate to the item selected, add comments, due date, and a course context.

flag 5

  • Note: Once you have selected an item from the list, blue box within the form with the heading “Permissions” will be updated to tell you whether or not the student is able to view the tracking item and the notes you entered, and will also list the other roles within Starfish who can see this item if they have a relationship to the student.

flag 6

Click the Save button to create the item.