**With the ability to easily post notes to a student’s account, we need to make sure what we’re posting needs to be in the notes section of the file.  If you have questions about whether or not something should be included, please refer to the FERPA section or contact us.**


Posting Notes

In addition to documentation that might be captured as part of raising an alert or documenting an appointment with a student, you can also use Starfish to capture a note directly on the Student Folder. Select the desired student from your student list and select the Note option from the action bar.

Student Folder Add note option highlighted

Select a Note Type from the list presented on the Create Note screen. This list is based on your relationship to the student and the associated permission for that role.

Select Note Type drop down example

Once you have selected a note type, other roles who will be able to view this note on the student folder are listed in the blue box labeled “Note Permissions” beneath the Note Sharing settings. If you select the radio button to make the note “Shared“, individuals with the roles listed who have a relationship the student will be able to view this note on the student folder.


Add Note type example with type selected and permissions displayed

You also have the option to email a copy of the note to the student and to  yourself by checking the desired “Send copy” check boxes. Students do not have any “view” permissions to notes added to their student folder this way. If you do not email the note to the student, they will not have access to it.

Click the Submit button to save your note.