How to Add Office Hours

You can add office hours in one of two ways

  1. Using the Setup Wizard that may be presented when you log in to Starfish if you have no office hours set yet
  2. At any time using the Add Office Hours action bar icon from the Home or Appointments pages.

Each option is described in detail below.

Setup your first Office Hours block using the Setup Wizard

On your first visit, Starfish may present the “Office Hours Setup Wizard” screen to walk you through setting up your office hours.

If you do not wish to set up your online scheduling yet, click the Close button.

Leave the checkbox labeled “Show me this Office Hours Setup Page again next time I login if I don’t have any Office Hours” checked if you want the Office Hours Setup Wizard to be displayed on your next visit if you still haven’t set up any Office Hours in Starfish.


To use the Setup Wizard to set up your office hours:

  1.   Indicate the day(s) you hold office hours by checking the box(es) associated with each day of the week.
  2.   Specify the start and end time of your office hours for the day(s) selected.
  3.   Specify where your office hours occur
    • Select from the “type” drop down (in an office, on the phone etc. )
    • Type a location into the “Details” text box –  for example your building name and room number. (Additional locations can be added from your <LINK Starfish Profile>).
    • If desired, enter special instructions into the “Instructions” text box such as a phone conference code, or which entrance to use.
  4.   Click the Set up Office Hours button.

Add Office Hours


You can add office hours at any time by selecting the “Add Office Hours” icon from the action bar on either the Home page or the Appointments page. This brings up the “Add Office Hours” form


  1. Title: Enter a Title for your Office Hours. This title will be visible to you, students, and calendar managers. If you are going to have more than one type of Office Hours, use the Title to make it easy for students and calendar managers to know what type of meetings you take during those hours.
  2. What days: Select the days on which this hours will occur using the What day(s)?”  drop down.


    Choices Include:

    • Once – when this choice is selected you must provide a date
    • Daily – when this choice is selected you must provide the pattern – for example: repeats every 2 days
    • Weekly – when this choice is selected you must  provide the pattern – for example: repeats every 1 week(s) – and you must indicate which days of the week using the  “Repeat on:” checkboxes that represent each day of the week.
    •  Monthly – when this choice is selected you must indicate the pattern for the meetings by selecting between 2  radio button choices.
      1. The first option allows you to specify x and y in: Day <x> of every <y> month(s).
      2. The second option allows you to pick x, y, and z in: The <x=first, second, third, fourth, last> <y=day, weekday, weekend day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday> of every <z> month(s).
    • Shortcut options for commonly selected weekly recurrences are also include in the drop down including: “Every Tues. and Thurs.”, “Every Mon., Wed., Fri.”, or “Every Weekday”
  3. What time: Enter a start and end time for the office hour block in the text boxes indicated next to the “What Time?” label. Options will populate a drop down list as soon as you begin typing in the Enter Start time text box. End time options will be populated in a drop down based on times occurring after what you entered/selected for Start time.
  4.  Where:  Options presented here will depend on whether you have any locations established in Starfish yet:
    • If you have never set up a location in Starfish: select a “Type” from the drop down presented (in an office, by phone etc.) and type a description of the location in the “Details” text box (for example: McIntyre Building, Office 312).  Type additional instructions (e.g. use the buzzer) in the “Instructions” text box.
    • If you have one location set up: that location will be listed and the check box for it will be checked. Additional locations must be added via your profile.
    • If you have more than one location set up: those locations will be listed in the “Where” section and you will need to select at least one where students can meet with you during these hours.
  5. How Long: Use the “minimum appointment length  and “maximum appointment length” drop down boxes to specify the minimum and maximum duration that students or calendar managers will be able to choose for appointments during these office hours.

    Note: Check the box labeled “Walk-in meetings only” if you want to use this office hour block for walk-in meetings rather than scheduled appointments

  6. Appointment Types: The role(s) you have in Starfish (e.g. Faculty Advisor and Instructor) connect you to one or more appointment types for meeting with students. For example: your Instructor role might connect you to an appointment type called “Class-related Meetings”, and your Faculty Advisor role might connect you to an appointment type called Advising Meetings. If you want to limit this office hour block to a particular type of appointment, check the box only for that appointment type.

    Note: Students will only see office hour availability where the appointment type(s) you selected match the relationship they have with you. Continuing the example with the appointment types above: if you are an instructor for Jane Student, and a Faculty Advisor for Joe Student, Jane would only see Office Hours where you have checked the “Class-related Meetings” appointment type, and Joe would only see those where you checked the  “Advising Meetings” appointment type.

    Your Starfish administrator sets up the appointment types and which roles are associated with each.

  7. Instructions tabinformation you include here will be used in one of two ways:
    • Required – if you have set the office hour block for “Walk-in meetings only” you must include instructions here. These instructions will be displayed on your calendar for this office hour block.
    • Optional - for all other office hour blocks, information you type here will be included in the email invitation that the student receives for an appointment. You are not required to include instructions in this case.
  8. Start/End Date tab: By default the office hours are set to start on the day you create the office hours, with no end date. Click this tab to specify a future start date and/or an end condition for this meeting block. For example you might want this block to run only for the first 3 weeks of the term.
    • In the “Starts” field, enter a future start date in the format mm/dd/yyyy if desired.
    • Tab to the “Ends” field and select from among the drop down choices of “Never” , “End of Term” (you will be prompted to select a term), “On Date” (you will be prompted to enter a date), or ‘After’ (you will be prompted to select the number of occurrences).
  9. Click the Submit button to complete the setup of your Office Hours.

To check your set up, select Appointments from the top level navigation, then click on the Agenda tab of your Starfish Calendar. Existing Office Hour blocks are displayed in the panel titled “My Office Hours“.

Starfish Calendar, AgendaTab showing Office Hours