Email Preferences

As a staff member you can set preferences for both Appointment and Tracking Item email notifications via the Email Notifications tab within your Starfish profile (shown below). More details about each option follow.

EmailNotificationsTab.pngAppointment Notifications

In the first section titled Appointments Notifications,  you can customize the settings for:

  1. How you are emailed reminders about your Starfish calendar appointments
    • select either send me a separate email for each appointment, send one email reminder with all appointments, or do not send an email reminder for upcoming appointments.
    • if you select one of the first two options, specify when to send the reminders (pick a time of day, and  either ‘the day before’ or ‘the day of’ the appointments.
    • specify whether or not to send an alert just before the appointment is scheduled (from 15 minutes up to an hour)
  2. Whether a calendar attachment (e.g. iCal) email is sent to your external calendar (such as Outlook or Google) when there are changes (adds/moves/deletes) to your Starfish calendar – we recommend keeping all  of these options checked so that all new, changed, or canceled appointments send an update to your external (non-Starfish) calendar.
  3. Whether to display in Starfish busy times from an external calendar (this requires integration with Exchange or Google Calendar). This option will  display based on the integrations that have been installed for your institution. If you have this option, follow the ‘click here’ links and instructions to complete the setup for  your external calendar.

For more details about these preferences and how they interact with your external email system, please review the introduction and page 7 of the End User Guide to Starfish CONNECT™

Tracking Item Notifications

In the second section titled Tracking Item Notifications, you can specify when and how you will receive a summary of notifications associated with individual tracking items. Typically, an institution will set a default frequency (daily or weekly) and a time when you will receive a digest of tracking item emails for the period selected. Depending on your role and workflow, you may want to modify this.

The content of your summary emails is based on how each individual tracking item is configured by your tenant admin (which roles receive an email when the tracking item is raised.  Based on the roles you have in the system, the list of Flag Rules  in the table beneath the tracking item notifications tells you which flags can trigger an email notification that will be included in your summary.  If any of the flags in your list show the icon for ‘emergency notification’ you will receive an email  right away when the flag is raised, regardless of your daily/weekly settings.

 Save your Changes

After making updates to any settings, make sure to click the Submit button. Note that you must click Submit for each individual tab within the profile. You may have to scroll to the right to find it depending on your browser and screen size.  You will find a Submit button at both the top and bottom of the page.

After you click Submit, a dialog box will confirm your information is saved, but the current profile tab will remain open. Use the tabs to move to another section of the profile or click Home from the top level navigation to return to your Home page.