Internship Policies



  • You must be a degree-seeking student at The University of Mary Washington
  • You must have at least 12 credit hours earned at UMW.
  • You must have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better at the start of the semester in which the internship occurs.
  • You must meet any additional requirements established by the department granting credit by reviewing the most recent  UMW undergraduate academic catalog . For example, some departments require that internships be approved by a committee within the department; be pre-approved by the department, or require that certain courses be taken prior to the internship. Be sure to check in advance and learn if you’ll face any such requirements.
  • “International students in F-1 or J-1 visa status must see the international student advisor in the Center for International Education (CIE) to make certain they are eligible for internships/employment.  Please see CIE’s Employment and Internship Opportunities for International Students website for more information.”


  • Identify an internship of interest to you. The Office of Academic and Career Services maintains listings on our online job and internship database, Employ-An-Eagle. Many organizations also have internship information on their web sites. We also have student evaluations of internships available in our office. Some academic departments maintain listings specific to their discipline. You may also develop an internship on your own. If you need help developing an internship, you can make an appointment with a staff member.

To be approved for academic credit, the experience must be structured and supervised. The internship must be relevant to the major granting credit, allow you to gain new skills and knowledge and be related to your career interests. Although internships may be paid, most part-time jobs are not eligible for academic credit.


  • Consider your internship dates. Do they fall within the dates outlined on the contract?
  • Complete the information requested on the top part of the contract.
  • Meet with the internship supervisor and have him/her complete the section headed TO BE COMPLETED BY THE AGENCY SUPERVISOR. A list of duties may be attached if the space provided is not sufficient. The duties may involve no more than 30% clerical work. Make sure that he/she signs and dates the Agency Supervisor line at the bottom of the contract.
  • Meet with your faculty sponsor to determine the academic work required for the internship; arrange a method to obtain ongoing supervision at least once every two weeks and obtain his/her signature.
  • Obtain the signature of the chair from the department granting credit.
  • Completing a contract and registering for an internship is a professional commitment. You are expected to fulfill the contract and to represent the University in an appropriate manner. In order to drop an internship, a student must contact  the Center for Career and Professional Development and provide a written request signed by the student, faculty sponsor, and agency supervisor.


  • Credit is awarded based on academic work assigned for the internship, the quality of the work performed at the internship, and the number of site hours worked. Time spent at an internship does not guarantee a set number of credit hours, but a minimum number of hours is necessary for all levels of credit.
  • An internship may be graded or P/F. The grading method is determined by the faculty sponsor and is subject to departmental guidelines.
  • A minimum of 42 site hours is required per credit hour. At least 84 hours are required for two credits. At least 126 hours are required for three credits. Meeting the required site hours does not guarantee credit. The site hours listed are only a minimum requirement.

Minimum Site Hours Required

  • 1 Credit – 42
  • 2 Credits – 84
  • 3 Credits – 126

Credit is awarded for the semester in which the internship takes place.

Summer internships are considered a summer course and there is a per credit charge. There is also a per credit charge for internships taken by part-time, degree-seeking students at any time of the year.

No credit is awarded retroactively. All paperwork must be completed within seven days of starting the internship, including a meeting with an advisor in the Office of Academic and Career Services. Any exception must be approved in advance by an advisor in the Office of Academic and Career Services. Deadlines for registering for academic credit are established each semester. Individual departments may have additional, earlier deadlines.

Students may accrue no more than 12 experiential credits towards graduation and no more than 55 credits in any one discipline.


1. If you have previously volunteered, worked, or interned at an internship site, you must submit with your contract:

  • A letter explaining how the pending experience will differ from the previous experience and how it will relate to your coursework.
  • Acquire signatures from both your agency supervisor and your faculty sponsor indicating their support and agreement with your letter. This can be done at the bottom of the letter you provide.

2. If you wish to do an internship for 4 to 6 hours of credit, you must submit with your contract:

  • A letter explaining what additional skills and experiences you will be able to participate in as a result of the additional time at the internship. While 42 site hours are required for each additional credit hour, time spent at the site does not justify additional credit. The decision to award additional credit is based on what is done as a result of those hours. Some majors will not grant more than 3 credit hours per internship.
  • Acquire signatures from both your agency supervisor and your faculty sponsor indicating their support and agreement with your letter. This can be done at the bottom of the letter you provide.

3. If you wish to do an internship for more than 6 credits, you should schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Office of Academic and Career Services. Internship credit exceeding 6 hours is granted only in exceptional situations.

4. If you wish to do an internship with an administrative office on-campus, you must submit with your contract:

  • A letter explaining why you can not obtain this experience off campus. Include a list of your duties and explain how they relate to your coursework and career interests.
  • Have your supervisor write a letter explaining your duties and why it is necessary to do the internship on campus.
  • A note from your faculty sponsor indicating their support is helpful, as well.

NOTE: You can not do an internship in an academic department.


Internship credit may be transferred from another institution under the same regulations as other transfer credits.

Students who participate in an internship through a study abroad program must also obtain the approval of the Director of International Academic Services.

Credits transferred from another institution count towards the maximum total experiential credits allowed by the University of Mary Washington.

Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.