Request a Tutor

Tutors will be assigned on a first come- first serve basis. A request does not guarantee placement with a tutor.

If a student is paired with a tutor, it is the responsibility to the student to set up their first meeting with the tutor within 48 hrs of initial contact. If no contact is made, the student will need to request services again. If there is not a tutor available, the student will be placed on a waiting list.

Priority Requests for the Spring 2015 semester will begin on Sunday, January 11th and will end on January 30th.

After Jan. 30th, students will be able to request tutors up until March 13th, but the availability of tutors will be much more limited than during priority requesting.

Tutee Responsibilities:

  • Attend sessions with the assigned tutor for the duration of the semester
  • Arrive on time to sessions or provide contact at least 8 hours prior if the session cannot be attended
  • Bring all materials needed to aid the success of the session such as paper, textbook, pens, etc.
  • Prepare for each session by having a list of questions, having reviewed the material you would like covered, doing practice problems, etc.
  • Be engaged during the session
  • Not violate the honor code by asking for answers to coursework or assignments
  • Sign the pay sheet for the tutor at the end of each session
  • Complete the entry and exit survey for tutoring services
  • Report to Academic and Career Services if at any point you feel the tutor/tutee relationship is not beneficial


Attendance Policy: Please be aware that after 15 minutes, the tutee will be considered a no show. After 2 no-show’s the student will be required to meet with  Mrs. Hightower  to resume tutoring services.  A series of tardies will also result in a meeting with Mrs. Hightower.


To submit an evaluation of the session with your tutor, copy and paste the link below: