2014-2015 Courses Being Tutored

A complete listing of planned courses to be tutored for the 2014-2015 academic year can be found below. This is a tentative list and will be updated at the start of the Fall semester.

ANTH 101- Intro to Cultural and Social Anthropology
ANTH 211- Anthropology of Race
ANTH 212- Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 215- Pre-Columbian Meso-America
ANTH 271- Special Studies in Ethnography
ARTH 114- History of Western Art 1
ARTH 115- History of Western Art II
BIOL 121/BIOL 131- Biological Concepts 1
BIOL 122/ BIOL 132- Biological Concepts 2
BIOL 210- Intro to Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 260- The Research Process
BIOL 127- Human Biology
BIOL 125- Phage Hunters
BIOL 126- Phage Hunters 2
BIOL 204- Nutrition
BUAD 131- Principles of Accounting
BUAD 132- Principles of Accounting
BUAD 152- Management Information Systems and Applications
BUAD 259- Applied Statistics and Business Research
BUAD 283- Legal Environment of Business
BUAD 300- Principles of Management
BUAD 310- Principles of Marketing
CHEM 111/CHEM 112- General Chemistry
CHEM 212- Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 317- Biochemistry
CHIN 101- Beginning Chinese
CHIN 102- Beginning Chinese
CHIN 201- Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 202- Intermediate Chinese
CLAS 103- Ideas and Cultures in Greek Civilization
CLAS 105- Ideas and Culture in Roman Civilizations
CLAS 110- Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature
CPSC 110- Intro to Computer Science
CPSC 109- Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
CPSC 105- Problem Solving with Database
ECON 201- Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202- Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 303- Microeconomics
ECON 304- Macroeconomics
EESC 110- Introduction to Environmental Science
EESC 205- Computer Applications in Environmental Science and Geology
EESC 210- Oceanography
FREN 101- Beginning French
FREN 102- Beginning French
FREN 105- Intensive French
FREN 201- Intermediate French
FREN 202- Intermediate French
FREN 205- Intensive French
FREN 311- Composition
FREN 312- Oral communication and phonetics
GEOG 101- Intro to World Regional Geography
GEOG 102- Intro to Human Geography
GEOG 110- Intro to Weather and Climate
GEOG 111- Land form Processes
GEOL 111- Introductory Geology
GEOL 112- Evolution of the Earth
GEOG 210- Oceanography
GERM 101- Beginning German
GERM 102- Beginning German
GERM 201- Intermediate German
GERM 202- Intermediate German
GERM 311- Introduction to German Literature
GREK 101- Elementary Greek
GREK 102- Elementary Greek
GREK 201- Intermediate Greek
GREK 202- Intermediate Greek
HISP 101- The American Heritage
HISP 102- Preserving Historic America
HISP 200- Introduction to Museum Studies
ITAL 101- Beginning Italian
ITAL 201- Beginning Italian
ITAL 201- Intermediate Italian
ITAL 202- Intermediate Italian
LATN 101- Elementary Latin
LATN 102- Elementary Latin
LATN 201- Intermediate Latin
LATN 202- Intermediate Latin
LING 101- Introduction to Linguistics
MATH 110- Finite Mathematics with Applications
MATH 111- Pre-calculus
MATH 115- Intro to Math Modeling
MATH 120- Quantitative Reasoning for the Science
MATH 121- Calculus I
MATH 122- Calculus II
MATH 200- Introduction to Statistics
MUHL 151- Great Musical Masterworks
MUHL 152- Music and Society
MUHL 154- Music of Non-Western Cultures
MUTH 181- Music Theory
PHIL 100- Individual and Community
PHIL 101- Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 151- Introductory Logic
PHYS 101- General Physics
PHYS 102- General Physics
PHYS 103- Elementary Astronomy
PHYS 104- Elementary Astronomy
PHYS 105- University Physics w/ lab
PHYS 106- University Physics w/lab
PHYS 108- General Physics
PHYS 110- University Physics
PSCI 101- Introduction to Political Science
PSCI 102- Introduction to International Relations
PSCI 201- American Government
PSYC 100- General Psychology
PSYC 261- Intro to Stats for Psychology
PSYC 360- Advanced Stats for Psychology
RELG 101- Intro to World Religion
RELG 102- Intro to the Study of Religion
RELG 103- Abrahamic Religions
SOCG 105- The Social World
SOCG 155- Social Issues
SPAN 101- Beginning Spanish
SPAN 102- Beginning Spanish
SPAN 201- Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 202- Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 105- Intensive Beginning Spanish
SPAN 205- Intensive Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 312- Introduction to Literary Studies in Spanish
SPAN 314- Spanish Pronunciation and Oral Use
SPAN 317- Grammar and Composition
SPAN 318-Grammar and Conversation
THEA 111- Intro to Theatre
THEA 112- Intro to Acting
WGST 101- Introduction Women’s Studies
WGST 102- Perspectives in Sexuality