Tutoring services are free when the request is made through the Office of Academic and Career Services.


Tutee Responsibilities:

  • It is important that you show up on time for your tutoring session. Let us know if you will be late as tutors will be reassigned after 15 minutes.  To cancel an appointment call the Office of Academic and Career Services (x1010) before 4 p.m. After 4 p.m., contact your tutor directly. Please note that two or more unexcused absences may affect your ability to receive services.
  • Be prepared! Bring paper, a pen or pencil, your notes, and textbook. Do homework and try to work the problems before meeting with the tutor. Tutors will help with areas of confusion but will not teach the material. If tutors find a tutee that is too unprepared, the tutors will refer the tutee to his/her professor.  Remember to keep questions relevant to the subject area. For example, no biology questions in the chemistry sessions.