Peer Assisted Study Sessions

The University of Mary Washington has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), STEM Talent Expansion through Research, Engagement, Preparation and Scholarships (STEREPS).  The purpose of STEREPS is to build upon and enhance current University programs and initiatives that promote diversity and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education.

One component of STEREPS is the PASS program:

PASS (Peer-Assisted Study Session) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. PASS is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. For students, it’s a chance to get together with people in your class to compare notes, to discuss important concepts, to develop strategies for studying the subject and to test yourselves before your professor does, so that when he/she does, you’ll be ready. At each session, students will be guided through this material by your PASS Leader, a competent student who has previously taken the course.


J313, 4p-5p – July – Chemistry 112

J219, 6p-7p – Abby – Chemistry 112



J313, 8p-9p – July – Chemistry 112



J313, 4p-5p – Anisa – Chemistry 111

J219, 5p-550p (class in room at 6p) – Abbygail )Chemistry 112



J219, 4p-5p – Orlando – CHEM 111



J313, 5p-550p – Abby CHEM 112

J219, 5p-550p – joint CHEM 111

J219, 8p-9p – July CHEM 112


Emma Tennant – Mathematics 121

Wednesday’s from 3:30-5. T138

Thursdays from 7-8:30. T138


Rebecca Kindler – Mathematics 122

Tuesday 5:30-6:30. T207

Wednesday 5:30-6:30. T106A

Thursday 10 – 11   Trinkle education suite


PASS is available for MATH 200 with Aaron:

Tuesday 4 – 5:30 Trinkle 138

Wednesday 4 – 5:30 Trinkle 106A



Questions? Please contact Dr. Venitta McCall, PASS Mentor

Trinkle 221 654.1346