Academic Success Workshops

We offer a series of study skills based workshops that will share strategies to help improve your study habits and success in the classroom. All workshops are free for students to attend. Please sign up below!

Choosing a Major = Still exploring major options? Unsure what path will help you with career goals? In this workshop we will offer various activities to help brainstorm your strengths and interests and how they relate to majors. We will also discuss various tools that you can use to continue with the major exploration process.

High school to college transition =   The transition from high school to college can be an adjustment. Unsure how to handle coursework, make new friends, and ease the stress in the meantime? Have no fear because all college students have been there. This workshop, presented by your peers, will share advice to help ease your transition.

Learning styles = Everyone has a different learning style. Do you know yours? Join us for this workshop to learn classroom and study tips that compliment your learning style.

Note taking/reading textbook= Nothing is worse than spending hours reading for class only to realize you barely understand what you read.  Or what about not taking important notes from lecture that will be material included on the test. This workshop will help you learn efficient ways to enhance your note taking and textbook reading skills.

Professors, Syllabi-Oh My! Learn to Navigate the Classroom = Learn to effectively communicate with your professors, interpret your syllabus, and find out what office hours are all about. Trust us, these are invaluable resources! ** Bring a syllabus from one of your courses. **

Test anxiety= Have you been victimized by nervousness, dizziness and stress before/while taking an important test? Fret no more and come to this workshop presented by The Talley Center to learn techniques that will help tackle the test anxiety.

Test taking = Want to know how to ace a test without drowning yourself in a lot of work and locking yourself up in the library? Come to this workshop to learn the most efficient and helpful ways used by most college students to be successful on your test. This workshop will provide tips for approaching several types of tests, such as multiple choice, short answer, or in class essays.

Time management = Managing coursework, job, clubs or sports can be exhausting. This hands-on workshop will help you understand the importance of time management in college and offer insight on how to balance your busy schedule while still having time for yourself.



Fall 2015 Academic Success Workshops