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There are literally thousands of websites with career-related information; what follows are some of the best ones we have found. Click on the links below to find out about listings or to research careers:

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Use Ripoff Report (a consumer driven site) to identify employers/job postings that may be a scam.

Use to see company reviews by current and former employees.


Upcoming Fairs

The Office of Academic and Career Services does not endorse or provide transportation to the following fairs. This is simply a list of career or internship fair opportunities that is either open to the public and/or UMW students have been directly invited. Please direct all questions to the website or phone number for each listing. Schedule an appointment with a counselor if you would like help preparing for a career fair.

The Office of Academic and Career Services hosts several fairs on the UMW campuses during the spring and fall semesters. Please visit our Events page for more information on these fairs.


Career Fairs and Open Houses, list provided by (Washington/Baltimore)

Washington DC Job Fairs (including virtual fairs)



VEC Sponsored Job Fairs (Public and Military).

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission career events

Federal Bureau of Investigation career events and information

Graduate Schools

Graduate School Fairs sponsored by