Credential Files

Credential files may be established for individuals receiving a degree from the University of Mary Washington or completing the Teacher Licensure Program. The file is used in support of entry into employment in education and/or admission to graduate or professional school. Employment in the other areas (private sector, government or nonprofit), usually do not require written references. Instead, candidates are usually asked to provide a list of references.

If you are considering graduate school, but do not know when you plan to apply, the credentials file can provide a convenient place to store references until they are needed. Files are held for five years after the last use.

Upon your request, we will mail the file for you to employers/graduate schools. Typical documents found in a credential file include: letters of recommendation, student teaching evaluations, official/unofficial transcripts, etc (all of which you provide).  The fees for this service are as follows:  $10.00 to set up your file, which gives you five mailings.  Each subsequent mailing is $2.00.

Credential File Forms