Career Exploration Meetings

Deciding what major or career to pursue isn’t always the easiest task, so take a breath, think about these questions, and in the end do what makes you happiest.

What courses and subjects pique your interest?

Where do your passions lie?

What talents and skills come naturally to you?

What three adjectives would your friends and family use to describe your personality?

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?  What are you doing?


The Office of Academic and Career Services is here to help you as you ponder these questions and begin this process.  Our Student Success Coordinators are able to provide you with Values Sorting Activities, Life Values Inventories, your Holland Code for careers, and surveys to look at different majors that would best fit you.  We will also offer Myers-Briggs Type Inventory group sessions once or twice each semester.

To get started, make an appointment with a Student Success Coordinator to talk about what options will fit you best.  From there, you will be given some work to do on your own and you can schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.  Follow-up appointments can last up to 45 minutes.