Below is a list of academic forms and a short description regarding each form. Click on the form name to download or fill it in online, if appropriate. It is strongly advised that students keep copies of all forms submitted to any of the offices at UMW for their personal records.

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  •  Out of Sequence: Students seeking permission to take a course out of sequence MUST obtain the permission of the course instructor, the department chair, and approval from OACS prior to registration. Permission is noted on the OACS General Request Form. Failure to obtain the required permissions will result in the deletion of credits for courses taken out of sequence without prior permission.
  • General Request Form: Please use this written request form (required for any request of Academic and Career Services) and allow three processing days for the following: underload; overload; permanent waiver of prerequisite; late add; late drop; late withdrawal; permission to take a course out of sequence; late grading option change.
  • Course Registration Request Form: This form is necessary for advising prior to registration. Print a copy for your advisor and a copy for your records. There are spaces for signatures to approve repeat course(s) as well as overloads. Once approval is obtained, the student must register for these classes in person at the Office of the Registrar.
  • Course Change Request Form: Also colloquially known as an “Add/Drop” form, this form is necessary in the process of registering for an overload, changing a grading option, taking a course out of sequence, or dropping/adding a course after the deadline.
  • Waiver: This form can be used to waive a prerequisite or co-requisite. Approval must be received from the instructor, the department chair, and OACS before the request can be processed. All students who receive permission for either one of these requests must provide OACS with all appropriate documentation and will be registered by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Non Degree High School Form: HS students are eligible to apply to take coursework at the University during the summer preceding their high school senior year, and/or during their senior year. Complete and submit by mail or in person. This form, as well as the additional materials noted on the form, should be submitted to OACS (Lee Hall, Room 206.8) at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to enroll.