Office of Academic and Career Services


webheader This series of events will provide students with opportunities to explore    UMW’s academic offerings, meet faculty and, if ready, declare majors/minors.

We are hosting a major fair on September 9 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m on Ball Circle. The major fair will allow students an opportunity to meet representatives from each academic department and learn about information on major(s)/minors/certificate programs. Additionally, departments will each have an academic showcase event to happen between September 9 – 22.  The academic showcase can be a student/faculty panel, a performance, a tour of lab spaces or another creative activity that introduces students to the various academic programs we have to offer.



The Office of Academic and Career Services assists you with academic and career planning throughout your time at the University of Mary Washington. Our goal is to make you successful students and eventually successful in the working world. From day one we are partnering with you to reach your goal of a successful career or admission to graduate school.

When you join us for orientation, we will introduce you to the Student Success Coordinators who will serve as your mentors and help advise you in what classes to take as well as get you started on thinking about career or graduate school possibilities. Your Student Success Coordinator will also assist you with information about internships, access to tutoring services, and referrals to any other programs of need or interest. Make an appointment with a Student Success Coordinator today!